We invite you to see the services that offers Helpdesk El Salvador to you.

Software Development

Software development tailored to the needs of your business, providing solutions with the latest technology. Ideal to optimize the processes of your business or company, since the software solution is designed to your needs, coupling to your working structure and benefits from its functionality. This implies that modules, technologies, processes and GUI are designed around your needs.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence (associating directly with information technology) can be defined as the set of methodologies, applications and technologies to collect, refine and transform data into structured information for direct exploitation or for analysis and converting into knowledge, giving support to decisions about the business. Provide privileged information to respond to business needs: entering new markets, promotions or product offerings, eliminating islands of information, financial control, cost optimization, production planning, analysis of customer profiles, profitability of a specific product, etc.


We offer developers specialized in technology you require as outsourcing staff by the time and the way that suits your needs. The outsourcing service allows you to outsource a qualified person indefinitely to join the team of the IT department or project your company is working on. So you can have trained personnel only when it’s required.


We provide consulting service. Professional service provided by companies or professionals individually -known respectively as consultants or consultants with experience or knowledge in a particular area, advising people advising other companies, groups of companies, countries or organizations in general.


In the IT industry, the most important thing for professionals is to learn and be immersed in the latest technologies, trends, practices, etc. Have solid and robust basics is essential to form the way to a colorful and vivid future. We provide service training on the use of technologies such as Microsoft Power BI, Microsoft Office 365, and work methodologies like SCRUM.

Project Proposals

It is the initial phase of any project, where is given a very comprehensive overview of the work to be done, taking account the technologies to be used, the time to be employed, etc. The information provided in a project proposal is a project planning structure, details of technologies to use, cost and description of deliverables.